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"Study of Cloud Based ERP Services for Small and Medium Enterprises (Data is Processed by Text Mining Technique)"


Abstract: The purpose of this research paper is to explore the knowledge of the existing studies related to cloud computing current trend. The outcome of research is demonstrated in the form of diagram which simplifies the ERP integration process for in-house and cloud eco-system. It will provide a conceptual view to the new client or entrepreneurs using ERP services and explain them how to deal with two stages of ERP systems (cloud and in-house). Also suggest how to improve knowledge about ERP services and implementation process for both stages. The work recommends which ERP services can be outsourced over the cloud. Cloud ERP is a mix of standard ERP services along with cloud flexibility and low cost to afford these services. This is a recent phenomenon in enterprise service offering. For most of non IT background entrepreneurs it is unclear and broad concept, since all the research work related to it are done in couple of years. Most of cloud ERP vendors describe their products as straight forward tasks. The process and selection of Cloud ERP Services and vendors is not clear. This research work draws a framework for selecting non-core business process from preferred ERP service partners. It also recommends which ERP services outsourced first over the cloud, and the security issues related to data or information moved out from company premises to the cloud eco-system.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, ERP, Eco-System, In-House ERP, Cloud ERP Services

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Complete Reference: SHARMA, R.; KESWANI, B. , "Study of Cloud Based ERP Services for Small and Medium Enterprises (Data is Processed by Text Mining Technique)", Revista de Sistemas de Informação da FSMA n 13(2014) pp. 2-10